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Pickard Farm Silt Fence Offers Total Site Solutions

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Custom silt fence and erosion control installation at an affordable price.

Silt fencing is an effective erosion and sediment control tool that can be used in various situations at a construction site. Its basic premise is to temporarily pond up water behind it to give suspended particles such as silt, sand, and clay time to settle out in a contained area, thus preventing the sediment from leaving the site. This type of erosion control is only effective when installed properly. Too often, silt fencing is not trenched in or backfilled allowing sediment to flow underneath it. A well installed silt fence is trenched at least six inches, backfilled, and has stakes that are wrapped and attached on the outside of the sediment flow.

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Pallet of Woven Geotextil silt fence attached to wood stakes

Silt Fence stakes

Silt fence stakes 2

Silt Fence Stakes

Silt Fence

A poorly installed silt fence can result in huge fines, not to mention the expense of clean-up and repairs of off-site damage; should it not do the job that it was placed there to do in the first place. .

Not Only do we supply but we are also an installer of the following:

  • Straw Wattles & Straw Logs
    (tubes of straw used for erosion control)
  • Straw Bales
  • Stakes both wood & metal
  • Silt Sacs
  • Hay Bales
  • Straw Mats
  • Erosion Control Blankets
  • Bio Fence
  • Black Silt Fence
  • Straw Blankets
  • Orange Silt Fence
  • Filter Socks
  • Mesh Fence
  • Geotextile products

    Pickard Farm Silt Fence and Erosion Control Installations offers total site solutions for all your environmental product needs

    Yes we Can

    Erosion Control Stormwater Solutions Installation & Sales

    Pickard Farm delivers one stop shopping for all you silt fence and erosion control needs. We have all the necessary trenching equipment and experienced operators to use them. This enables Pickard Farm to perform the entire installation or deliver the materials for you to do it your self.

    • Installation of silt fence & Hay Bales for erosion control ( mulch hay or construction hay )
    • Repair or replace silt fence & or Hay bales
    • Stakes - 3ft or 4ft
    • Filter Fabric

    Protect our environment with proper wastewater management

    Silt Fence Corey and Jen Silt Fence 2 Ditch Witch Trench

    Silt Fence Add


    Click On any of the Pictures of the Ditch Witch 361C Trencher below to see full size.

    Dan Pickard Truck and Ditch Witch 361 Dan Pickard Loading the Hay along with the Ditch witch in tow
    Dan Pickard Loading the truck with hay bails for the next days trenching job.
    Dan Pickards Ditch Witch 361C with sprocket and chaine showing
    Dan's smaller Hay truck towing the Ditch Witch 361C we use this truck for smaller jobs.

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    Our Hay Bales are generally installed on existing grade & butted tightly together as to not leave any free space for flow between the Staked bales


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