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Got Wood?

Got Wood

Firewood pictures taken in Massachusetts at The Pickard Farm

January 5th 2009
This is just one of the smaller piles on the farm.

Pile of Cordwood 1

The firewood picture above does not do the pile justice. Swing by the farm to see just how huge this cordwood pile is stacked.

Pile of Cordwood 2

Dan stacking the firewood pile.

Pile of Cordwood 3

Pile of Cordwood 4

Pile of Cordwood 5

Pile of Cordwood 6

Pile of Cordwood 7

Pile of Cordwood 8

Pile of Cordwood 9

For Premium, Cut, Split, Clean and Fully Seasoned Northern Hardwoods typical Length 16"- 17" inches Delivered to your door in (MA) Massachusetts Call Dan the Massachusetts Firewood Man.


Firewood in Massachusetts


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