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Firewood Delivery In Fort Devens

Fort Devens , MA

Please see the map below to see the distance from The Pickard Farm to Fort Devens. Please contact us for the total cost to deliver to Fort Devens. 10.1 mi - about 20 mins. Firewood Delivery In Fort Devens avalible weekdays & Saturdays.

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Reasons For Owning Firewood Racks

By Joseph Kortez

Most people just stack wood in a nearby handy location outside the door. But using firewood racks are best method for storing your firewood. These storage units are used for cut pieces of firewood to be used for future burning. With a wide variety of sizes, frame types, and styles, these firewood storage units can easily adapt to any surrounding. With racks made from a variety of materials, this storage method provides many benefits including:

1. Rack Sizes ranging from two to twelve feet in length
2. Storage for 1/8 to ¾ cords of wood
3. Ease of use with a handsome firewood organization system
4. Proper air circulation for seasoning or drying out of firewood
5. Proper coverings for rainy and snowy seasons
6. Protection from unwanted vermin, mold and insects
7. Wheels that allow for portable usage

Firewood racks are available in a variety of sizes and materials. From a small two foot cedar wood rack to an industrial sized twelve foot steel rack, any rack is perfect for anything from your log wood cabin to a campground. Many racks are built with rectangular steel tubing to provide light, yet strong durability to the rack. A coated finishing also helps prevent fragmenting, staining, rotting, and rusting of the racks to increase their life.

Seasoning wood, or the process of drying it out, is one of the most important steps in processing firewood. After the firewood is cut and split, firewood racks provide a neat organization system that correctly airs and dries out the firewood for future use. The racks also elevate the firewood from the ground so that the bottom rack does not absorb moisture. Firewood stored on the ground can also become homes for vermin such as mice and snakes.

Although it is not recommended to cover firewood during seasoning, many rack units come with vinyl coverings to help protect the wood during a rain or snow storm. Keeping moisture out of cut and split wood is essential to firewood and provides such benefits as greater heat efficiency, less smoke, lighter firewood, and longer firewood life.

Letting the firewood dry out properly in a rack also helps prevent fungus and rids the wood of termite and insect infestation
Many firewood racks also come with wheels to allow for portable use. It is recommended that firewood is stored approximately 20 to 25 feet away from any structure. This is because during seasoning, termites and insects are still present in the wood and could possibly spread to the building.

Having a rack with wheels can help transporting the wood from the rack to the home easier and cut out the need for a firewood carrier.

Firewood racks are cheap and affordable because of their range of availability in different materials and sizes. The cost of a firewood rack is far outweighed by the cost of improper firewood storage.

Whether you buy or cut your own firewood, proper storage is necessary to prevent any home damage costs from improper storage. Firewood racks provide a safe, economical, and fashionable way to store your firewood.

About the Author: Joseph Kortez is an experienced research and free lance writing professional. He writes actively about Best Outdoor Products.

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Firewood Delivery In Fort Devens