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Premium Bark Mulch


Color Enhanced
Coarse Grade
Playground Cover


Bark Nuggets

Dan The Bark Mulch Man Pickard




Why Use Bark Mulch?


  • Beautifies landscapes and gardens.
  • Suppresses weeds thereby providing a better growing environment by keeping weed growth down.
  • Conserves water - helps reduce evaporation from the soil when applied 2-3 inches deep.
  • Keeps soil cool-effectively insulates plant and tree roots promoting healthier plants.
  • Helps prevent erosion by holding soil in place during heavy rains.
  • Reduces lawn mowing and hand clipping edges around flower beds, shrubs, trees, etc. As a rule of thumb we will deliver free of charge to anywhere within a five mile radius from our farm in Littleton. Outside of this radius a charge will be added in relation to distance traveled and/or time taken There is no real standard charging system as we try to be flexible to offer the best value and this is dependent upon location, traffic, time of delivery etc, so please do enquire.




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