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Pickard's Farm Firewood Processor

Our machine is a hydraulically operated processor designed for one-person operation. The machine cuts the log, and splits the round into pieces. The operator loads the log onto the loader, then operate a few of the hydraulic levers.

Our Wood Processor & Mack Truck Jan 24th 2010

Powered by a John Deere Engine our firewood processor packs a powerful punch!

firewood processor

Operator Safety Cab

firewood processor

Here you can see the engine and hydraulic lines

firewood processor engine

Our Sawmill

Carbide Tooth circular saw

Firewood Processor Infeed Conveyor

firewood processor

Our wood processor for cutting & splitting firewood.

Firewood Processor Superior Carbide Slasher

fire wood processor


Working With The Saw

Author: Jeremy Stone

Sawmills use the very large circular saws, up to nine feet (2.97 meters) of diameter. They are one or the other gaucheries or "droitiere", according to which the side of the blade the board falls far. To put except play determines which hand the saw is. The saws of this size have a fuse hole typically, in addition to axis, which breaks if the saw is overloaded and makes it possible the saw to freely turn. The most common version is the ITCO (cut of tooth of insertion) which has the replaceable teeth. Blades of sawmill are also used like an alternative to a radial arm saw. The wood of steer saws, also called saws of buzz in some places, blade of use of a size similar to the sawmills.

Where a sawmill tears (cuts with the grain) a wood of steer saw the crosscuts (cuts through the grain). The wood saws of steer can have a blade of 20 with more than 36 Po. Of diameter according to the source of energy and the goal envisaged. Saws of buzz are used to cut long notations (wood of steer) and wafers (loss of sawmill) of pieces appropriate to the heating at the house (firewood). The majority of the wood saws of steer are composed of a reinforcement, a blade, a chuck, a cradle, and a source of energy. The cradle is a guide of slope or sliding which holds of the notations during the process of cutting. Some wood saws of steer are run of a belt of a pulley of takeoff of power of tractor of farm. Others are been driven by small engines of gasoline or even of large electric motors like sources of energy.

The chuck is an axis and a whole of bearings which support and transfer the power to the blade. The reinforcement is a structure which supports the cradle and the blade with a height of convenient work. The wood saws of steer were in the past very popular in rural America. They were employed to cut more glazing bar out of firewood in one era when the saws actuated with the hand were only the other option. Too large notations for a wood saw of steer were still cut to the hand. The slicers mainly replaced wood saws of steer for the preparation of firewood today. Always, some commercial firewood processors and others use wood saws of steer to save the use and to tear on their slicers. The majority of the people consider wood saws of steer not very sure and out-of-date technology.

About the Author:
The author, Jeremy Stone, is a recognized American home improvement expert. More at Glueguns.net - Home Improvement Ideas For The True American Homeowner

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - Working With The Saw

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