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Firewood Delivery to Everett, MA 02149

Everett, MA 




Please see the map below to see the distance from The Pickard Farm to Everett, MA 02149. Please contact us for the total cost to deliver a cord or more of wood to Everett, MA 02149. 19.7 mi – about 28 mins

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Wood Routers

By Tom Hardin

The router is a power tool which replaces the chisel and hammer when performing a lot of different shapes and patterns in wood. It can perform repeat patterns much easier than someone with a chisel and hammer. With proper accessories the router can accomplish these jobs in minutes rather than hours.

The router with an edge guide and proper bit can make straight cuts along outside edges of boards, for a variety of different trims. It can also make straight v-groves and beads inside the work piece, as well as other cuts depending on the bit used.

With use of a trammel point attachment the router can cut perfect circular paths, for a groove or bead shape as wells as edge and cut-outs. This is accomplished by making several passes cutting a little deeper with each pass. To make a wheel you would repeat the passes until the cut was all the way thorough the work piece.

With proper templates routers can produce dovetails for drawers and other joints, with ease when it used to take hours by hand. It also makes it easier for most wood workers to make dovetail joints, where in the past this was done only by highly skilled craftsmen using hammer and chisel.

There are also templates for making various designs, letters, numbers, and a pantograph to copy pictures and anything one might want to reproduce in wood, plastic or any material. By setting at different depths, you can create three dimensional looks.

The router can also do mortising for hinges on doors and jams, much faster and easier then by hand with chisel. This is a great time saver for the carpenter hanging doors in a house or cabinet.

The router is a tool all wood shops should have as it gives you capabilities no other tool has.

Tom Hardin

Tomís Tool Shed

About the Author: I have been woodworking as a hobby since 1975. I have made toys, furniture and watnots. I have also been involved in remodeling of homes. Most recently finished our basement. Building 3 bedrooms, adding windows throught load bearing walls, and a full bath.

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