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Erosion control straw wattles help to stabilize slopes, great for sediment control & storm water runoff control. One of the best cost effective wastewater management solutions.

Economical, easy to use & effective method of sediment control.

Straw Wattles

Woven mesh netting filled with straw or hay, used to trap sediment & promote infiltration. Great for detaining small amounts of fine suspended sediment.

When used for temporary sediment control they can reduce off-site sedimentation by:

  • Providing storm drain inlet protection
  • Directing runoff water to retention and detention devices
  • Functioning as an alternative to silt fence for perimeter sediment control

Straw wattles (not stocked - Special Order)

Straw Wattles Loaded On Truck

Straw Wattles Loaded On Truck

Straw Wattles


Straw wattles are as effective as hand trenching, &  when you considering effectiveness duration, straw wattles will last much longer.

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