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Pumpkin Patch Pictures 2008

The Pickard Farm

155 Great Rd
Littleton, MA 01460
(978) 486-4141

Pictures taken, October 5th 2008 down at the Pickard farm's pumpkin patch.



" Pumpkin Picking October 5th 2008 "

If you would like to share your pumpkin picking photos. Please send them with a description and names and dates taken to alex@pickardfarm.com.

PF Pick your own pumpkins banner

PF Pumpkins Indian corn corn stalks hay bales gourds

market table

pumpkin patch 4

Jen at the pumpkin patch 1

Jen at the pumpkin patch 2

Jen at the pumpkin patch 3

Pumpkin patch 8

Jen at the pumpkin patch 9

Jen at the pumpkin patch 11

Pickard farms pumpkin patch sign

pick your own pumpkins street sign

pumpkin patch parking 14

the big inflatable pumpkin

patch parking 16

short walk or tractor drawn hay ride to the pumpkin patch

left side of pickards pumpkin patch 18

group pumpkin tour

pickardafarm back side of pumpkin parking lot 20

pumpkin picking 21

pumpkin picking 22

weighing your pumpkin

weighing your pumpkin 24

indian corn 25

indian corn 26

indian corn 27

misc pumpkins 28

corn stalks

overview by the pumpkin patch 30

overview by the pumpkin patch 31

pumpkin road sign 32

overview by the pumpkin patch 33

overview by the pumpkin patch 34

overview by the pumpkin patch 35

pumpkin 36

pumpkin patch cats

pumpkin patch 38

pumpkin patch 39

Yard Animals 40

Yard Animals 41

Yard Animals 42

Yard Animals 43

Yard Animals 44

Yard Animals 45

Yard Animals 46

Yard Animals 47

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Pumpkin Patch Pictures