Pumpkin Patch Photos
The Pickard Farm PYO patch has been creating memories that last a lifetime for over a decade.

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Callie A. 2011

"We wanted to thank you and your family.  We live locally and have bought pumpkins at your farm for several years but it was so exciting to bring our daughter to her first "picking" experience this past weekend.  Thank you for the tractor ride, the great assortment of pumpkins and most of thank you for reminding us why we love living in Littleton.  We have attached a photo of our daughter Callie enjoying the afternoon at your farm!

In appreciation,

Elizabeth A"


Abigail, 6 months, picked her pumpkin this week!

Abigail E., 6 months, picked her pumpkin ! Littleton, MA


Abigail E

Abigail E


Pumpkins & Swan GourdsPumpkins & Swan Gourds

Pick Your Own Pumpkins
Pick Your Own Pumpkins

Pumpkin & Gord

Speckled swan gourd

Our Patch

Bailee Age 1

Click here for more of Bailee

Pumpkins With Swan Gourd


Sssorted Pumpkins

pumpkins in waggon with corn stalks

Pumpkins we picked from our PYO patch in waggon with corn stalks

Corn Stalks

pumpkins in waggon with corn stalks

 pumpkins and gourds

A small sampling of the Jack-be-Little's, pumpkins and gourds we grow.

Swan Gourds

Swan Gourds $5.00 "Please son't pick us up by the neck... OUCH!"

huge inflatable pumpkin

Hawk Flying Over Pumpkins


He's back, Rocky the boxer click here for more pictures.

hay bales and corn stalks

baby calves

The baby calves are back!

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Pumpkin Patch Photos