Bailee 2011
Bailee loves the pumpkin patch, it seems she does not mind if it rains or pores. Here she is enjoying just another day on the pumpkin patch.

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Bailee 2011

Bailee and Mom Pickard Farm Pumpkin Patch

Bailee Penguin Halloween Costume

Penguin Halloween Costume

Bailee in her Penguin Halloween Costume at the Pickard Farm

Bailee Age 1 & Rocky

Bailee Age1 in her Penguin Halloween Costume

Bailee Sittling on Pumpkins at the pickard farm pumpkin patch

Bailee in her Tigger costume at the Pickard Farm Pumpki9n patch

Bailee in her Tigger costume at the Pickard Farm Pumpkin patch.

tigger costume & Pumpkins

Bailee will be turning 1 on October 18th. Here she is in her tigger costume with her pumpkin.

Bailee Age 1 2011 Large Inflatable Pumpkin

We recommend that you don't carry pumpkins by their stems; the stem might not be able to support the weight & might break off. But for Bailee she can do whatever she wants...


Bailee in her tigger costume


Bailee Age 1

Keep in mind our seeds will last for several years if stored properly!

Bailee’s Pumpkin Age 1

This year we used a nail to etch one of our pumpkins with Bailee’sname and Age.





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Bailee 2011