1st Cut Horse Feed Hay Photos
Photos of our First Cut Taken in June 2011. The first-cutting hay here, was cut a few weeks ago. It is in big square bales weighing around fifty-five pounds, stored in our covered hay barn with good ventilation.

An average Mature Weight 1100 lbs horse will eat 16-24 pounds of hay per day.  How much hay do you need?

Calculating Amount of Hay

Number of days to feed hay  times  20lbs. hay/day  divided   by 
number of lbs./bale  =  Total number of bales  needed.  
(Example: 30 days X 20lbs = 600, divided by 40lbs/bale = 15 bales/30 days.)


1st Cut Hay On stack wagon

1st cut on New Holland Stack wagon

Dan & Jake in the hay field

Hay Bales in Field

55lbs Hay Bale

The good stuff

Haying 2011

Haying June 2011

1st Cut Hay Bale June 2011

Hay Bale

Close up of Hay on stack wagon



Back of New Holland Stack Wagon

Side Of New Holland Stack Wagon

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1st Cut Horse Feed Hay Photos