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Premium Bark Mulch

Mulch works best when spread to a depth of 3 to 4 inches.

Calculate how much Bark Mulch you need just enter in the approximations of length and width

Approx. cubic yards of mulch required:


Hemlock, Pine Mix, Dark Bark Mulch, Wood Chips. Delivery available 16 Yard Minimum

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Color Enhanced
Coarse Grade
Playground Cover

Hemlock bark mulch

Large Bark Nuggets Mulch

Dan The Bark Mulch Man Pickard


Why Use Bark Mulch?

  • Bark Mulch Beautifies landscapes and gardens.
  • Suppresses weeds thereby providing a better growing environment by keeping weed growth down.
  • Conserves water - helps reduce evaporation from the soil when applied 2-3 inches deep.
  • Keeps soil cool-effectively insulates plant and tree roots promoting healthier plants.
  • Helps prevent erosion by holding soil in place during heavy rains.
  • Reduces lawn mowing and hand clipping edges around flower beds, shrubs, trees, etc. As a rule of thumb we will deliver free of charge to anywhere within a five mile radius from our farm in Littleton. Outside of this radius a charge will be added in relation to distance traveled and/or time taken There is no real standard charging system as we try to be flexible to offer the best value and this is dependent upon location, traffic, time of delivery etc, so please do enquire.

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Bark Mulch Spread by Rock After photos

Bark Mulch Spread around rock before pictures

Pickard Farm Peterbilt Bark Mulch Truck Littleton Massachusetts

How to Garden With Bark Mulch

Author: George Kerr

Mulch is very important for any gardener; it doesn't matter whether you are an experienced gardener or if you have just moved into your first home. Luckily bark mulch is not expensive and very easy to apply to your garden – no experience required.

What Is It?

Bark mulch is produced from tree bark which is shredded. Bark that is used can come from oak, pine, cedar and other soft and hardwood trees. When the bark breaks down the nutrients go into the soil and help feed your plants, trees and flowers.

Where To find It?

Bark mulch is very easy to purchase and can be found at your local gardening store. Alternatively you can make your own bark mulch by buying a piece of equipment called a chipper. They are fairly expensive so should only be bought if you plan on shredding lots of wood for your garden. For the majority of gardeners, buying ready made bark mulch is the easiest and can also be bought in varying quantities and sizes to suit your needs.

What To Do With It?

People use bark mulch in different ways but you will probably put it in areas where grass cannot grow such as underneath shrubs and trees. You can create and neat and tidy look by laying the mulch in a circle under trees and then using edging such as bricks or slabs. Because grass cannot generally grow under trees and shrubs, laying mulch can give you much nicer look as well as preventing the growth of horrible weeds, reduces water evaporation and protects the soil.

You can also use bark mulch in the same way in your gardens. By putting it along the soil, around the roots of your plants, you are going to insure that you will see quite a difference in not only how your plants grow and look, but the overall appearance of your garden as a whole. Remember that when you are using bark mulch you should be looking for mulch that is organic and does not have any chemicals in it, because the chemicals might hurt your soil or your plants. It is always best to buy natural bark mulch.

About the Author:

George Kerr enjoys gardening and writes many articles for website Finer Living, including how to grow a spider plant and a boston fern.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - How to Garden With Bark Mulch

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